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  1. vanillia-clover asked: THE CHAAAAIIIIRRRRR


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    things that totally 100% happened in s9 → 18/23

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    i am so confused

    im scared

    wait what

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    My words/edits, these (x x x x) gifs. (I can’t find the link to one of them because I downloaded it ages ago)

    *gross sobbing*

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    CSI: Miami versus Supernatural

    I’ve been waiting for this gifset for three years.

    #OMG Jensen, it’s like the same gif with another face!

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    imagine fat pregnant evil lactating stiles giving birth and as soon as the doctor hands over the bundle of joy into stiles’ waiting arms as his eyes glisten with joyful tears, he lifts back the baby blanket to gaze into the wall-eyed dilated stare of a potoo at the same moment it begins to scream “MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM”



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    • Sterek, Stydia or Stalia?

  10. Anonymous asked: hey um i read the chair fix and yeah it was a bit creepy but i liked the ending i have been reluctant to read the sequels because in my mind it has a happy ending, does it in yours

    fix? I’m gonna assume that’s a typo.

    And it ends just like the first because the ‘second’ one is really a missing Christmas scene crack fic and the other one is actually a prequel. 

    Truth be told I’m not done the story yet so you’ll have to wait a little while to find out how it really ends. 


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    I just did this to my fiancee and he laughed and said okay.

    fem!stiles au

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    has anyone noticed that sometime during the first verse of alpha dog patrick totally sounds like squidward

    i can literally never listen to this song the same again


    now all i can imagine is a giant spongebob vs squidward battle to the death for the fate of bikini bottom and the world 

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    phan isn’t real

    haha just kidding april fools i had u for a second didn’t i haha follow for more youtube based comedy

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    matilda totally reads gay fanfic

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    1. me when a character dies: are you really dead-dead or just supernatural-dead